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In accordance with the principles of TEFL, Saxoncourt Examinations expanded the concept of STYLE / JET, and invited experts from Europe, America and Asia to design an exam system for children studying EFL. STYLE / JET listening and writing tests for ages 6~17 have a 17 year history in Taiwan. In order to help students enhance their speaking ability, STYLE / JET added an oral exam in 2012.
  1. The test content is taken from students’ daily lives and the emphasis is on the appropriate use of daily English rather than on abstract or obscure vocabulary and grammar.
  2. The exam primarily uses colorful pictures and easy instructions. The use of pictures also helps to reduce students’ stress and focuses the exam on students’ speaking skills.
  3. In order to evaluate the students’ language skills accurately and fairly, the examiners are all well-trained and use controlled language to stimulate authentic communication.
  1. To develop students’ speaking ability through test evaluation.
  2. To promote the overall quality of English teaching through effective testing.
  3. To motivate students' learning through interesting and effective evaluation.
  4. To provide qualification that is recognized by school.


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